What is IssueBadge

Issue Badge is an online certification and badge generation tool which empowers you to issue verifiable credentials to thousands of recipients in just a few seconds.

Design your Badges & Certificates

Now you don’t need a designer to design certificates anymore, we have empowered you with a creative application and hundreds of editable templates. Issue Badge’s online certificate designing application empowers you to self design your badges and certificates. You can embed organization logo(s), theme colors, fonts, watermark, signatures etc.

what is issue badge
what is issue badge

or Allow us to Design for you...

If you don’t have time for designing, we can assist you in the designing process too. Our creative designing team will design an unique certificate template for you using your design assets such as logo(s), theme colors, fonts, watermark, signatures etc. Just click on…

Share with thousands of recipients, in seconds

Through Issue Badge’s API integration system, now you can automate the mailing of certificates. You don’t have to design or instruct everytime, our intelligent system will auto fill receipt names and other details within microseconds.

what is issue badge

Why IssueBadge

Online Credential Issuing Tools That Saves your Time & Efforts.

Customizable Templates

Unique Design

User Friendly Interface

Faster Functionalities

Integratable with your database for Bulk Issue

Secured Platform

Verifiable through QR Code

Shareable Credentials to other Social Platform

Convenient Subscription Plan

Steps for Issuing Digital Certificate

Issue Badge Platform is very simple, just..

  1. 1
    Enter Recipient(s) Details
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Issue shareable & verifiable certificate

Is it for me?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I design a certificate?
  • Just enter the program details, logo and signature. Issue Badge application will design a custom certificate template for you.

    You can issue one or multiple certificates of a single design and send it to multiple receipts at the same time. We count a certificate issued when it has been designed & delivered successfully to the receiver.

    It is very likely that you will want to create differentiation of certificate designs for different programmes. Simply, you can choose from our preset templates or request us design a template for you. It’s very simple.

    Yes, you may cancel your subscription any time, just email us from the registered email address and we will do the rest. Do not get worried about issued certificates, those will have validity as you have chosen.

    When your account subscription expires, we will ask for your consent about certificate validation through email, you may wish to keep those or erase those as per your requirements.

    We would be happy to answer, just contact us

    Yes, sometimes we do. just contact us

    Contact Us

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    • support@issuebadge.com